new-commit-hook - create repocafe commit hooks.


new-commit-hook [-v] [-q] [-d] [-f] [-c conf] [-pre] [-post] [-a | repo_id]


New-commit-hook creates commit-hooks for one specified repo, or all repo's (-a) ;

by default, both 'pre-commit' and 'post-commit' hooks are installed, from templates in 'lib/'.

It is called by the web application when a new repository is created.

Normally, new-commit-hook is not used by repocafe admins.



be verbose


be quiet


show debug info


action ; otherwise dry-run

-c conf

use config file conf

-a | repo_id

install new commit hooks for all repo's


only install pre-commit hooks


only install post-commit hooks


install commit hooks for repo with id repo_id


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