upd-xusers - update the repo_xusers table.


upd-xusers [-v] [-q] [-d] [-f] [-l] [-c conf] [ login ... ]


Table repo_xusers contains repocafe users that can't be found in the configured ldap(s) or table repo_guests.

The repo_xusers table in only used in the statistics page.

Running ``upd-xusers -l -v'' gives a detailed listing of all logins found as owners, in access-rights or as group members.

Because running upd-xusers may take some time to complete, we suggest to run it daily by cron.

Cronjob : ( cd <DIR_ADMIN> ; /usr/bin/perl upd_xusers -f )



be verbose


be quiet


show debug info


action ; otherwise dry-run


list xusers (no updates) ;

-c conf

use config conf

login ...

restrict to login1, login2, ...


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